win 2 tickets to bloom 2009

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****************To see the winner announced – click here***********

This is now 4 tickets…… btw. 🙂

It’s next weekend. It’s the entire weekend. It’s in the Phoenix Park. And no this year year I’m not doing it…. I wish I was but the brain needs a rest 🙄

I got 2 tix to give away courtesy of Bloom in The Park.

To Win:
At Bloom last year, one of brothers snapped this photograph. It’s a great picture. But what was I thinking….?? best caption wins!!


what was I thinking...?


so….. you didn’t click the update [thats the first line of the post…. eh? no…. I didn’t think you would…. 🙄

so I put the video here as well 😆

and the winner is…………………. [thanks again dave]

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  1. Pat Youknoweraldwho
    Pat Youknoweraldwho says:

    ‘F*&(*^g cellists always out of tune why cant they play violin like everyone else’

    Yes that is how one spells someone who plays the Cello. Ok so you cant conduct yourself but youre hinking it arent you!!

  2. Elaine McDonough
    Elaine McDonough says:

    “Where the bleedin hell am I gonna find four tickets for Bloom 2009 to give away?? Huh… Answer me that!”

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