recycle a garden giveaway #2

as free as the sky light

as free as the sky light

The last time I did a garden giveaway…. this is what happened – click here

This time its a little different…

  • lettuce plants in plug trays about 15
  • cobble stones varying sizes and colours about 170
  • and i might even throw in some fresh eggs
  • oh and i’ve got a draftsmans drawing table as well [not in video]

to contact me…. dm me on twitter – first come [to collect] first served 🙂

ps the best things in life are free


The free stuff is gone! I got a message on twitter



So ‘the lady’ is the wife of a George Foxe. A really cool guy I used be best mates in school with… Hadn’t seen him since I left and I was about 16 … I then met George about 8 years ago in skerries in a pub I very randomly chose to pop into. I haven’t seen him since 😯

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  1. Jenny Foxe
    Jenny Foxe says:

    We already have a draftsman table in a too small house. Ironically the cobbles will go to another Donegan-land. No relation I swear. Thanks a million.

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