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piaras kelly – pr thursday garden guest #10

If you would like to know more about the thursday garden guest the pr sessions –  click here.


For the moment writer #10 is Paiars kelly of Edelman PR.


Piaras Kelly is a Senior Account Manager with Edelman, a Dublin based PR firm.  You can read more of his thoughts on PR, Marketing, Advertising and other topics that catch his interest on

What I like about Gardens:

Working in PR I like to keep things simple.  Juggling a number of clients and a variety of personal interests has lead me to believe that despite how many things catch your interest, you’ve got to be brutal with your time if you’re going to do a good job.  While some people are happy to commit to grand schemes, I prefer to take a step back before committing and gardening has always been a big bugbear for me in this respect.

Growing up, we had a decent sized garden, which I had to mow every week in the summers.  The quick job my parents assured it would be every time they kicked me out the back door, locking the door in my wake, inevitably turned into an arduous task.  Negotiating a lawnmower through a narrow passage, around cars and over gravel to do the front garden always got my blood boiling.  So when my parents decided to get rid of the frontlawn and extend the driveway, I learnt a valuable lesson – don’t let the things in life you own end up owning you.

Living in a rented apartment now means I don’t keep a garden, but when I inevitably end up forking out for a place of my own I will ensure that gardening is done on my terms – potted plants and gravel 🙂 Keeping things simple will mean that I can do the garden the justice it deserves, rather than let a mountain of weeds spiral out of control before I have to head out with a machete to restore order.

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