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gunnera gunneraceae/ haloragidaceae

I love this plant. I simply love it. I’ve often heard people say that such a plant won’t grow in a particular place. The ‘with it’ thinkers of the horticultural societies will however suggest than you suit the plant to the place….

More often when it comes to boggy, sodden areas the plant range is ‘not the best looking’. Or we chose to raise that area and take away from ‘what could be…’ Got that spot. Embrace it.Because this plant is for you.

This is gunnera [gunneraceae/ haloragidaceae]. And so as not to bore the socks right off you, here’s the low down….

  • a genus of about 45 species
  • greeny yellowy flowers in summer
  • originates from wet areas of South America/ Africa/ Australia
  • looks like rhubarb[ish] when in full leaf
  • its got a kind of prickly stem and leaf [it doesn’t hurt you btw]
  • great by natural ponds
  • the lower flowers are female ; the uppermost male some are bisexual & some dioecious…..
  • grows quite well in irish weather
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