i’m a gardener get me out of here….

In 2008  I and a group of over 100 people [2,000 in total] on a gardening team went to south africa with the niall mellon township trust to build gardens. My 2008 story is here [click it…. go on… click it]!!

This year I need to raise some dosh. money. spondulas… go on stuff some dollars in an envelope and send it to ballyboughal play the video above first.

I have a few ideas. But nothing really organised. I could use your brains, your hands, your thoughts, your old crap and your ideas…… not stuff you don’t want  like the vase that Auntie Mary bought you for your wedding that *he’s* always hated….If you can’t gimme diddly well then…. eh?

I’m up for a challenge…. I will do it…. dare me, go on I dare you. Dare me to do something….. I’m really cheap *and* I’m damn good value for money 😯

groovy track on this song by the way….

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    Ooops I was thrown by the guys coming down that spaceage ramp…looked very NASA like. One track mind.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Philip,

    i’ve written better posts…. i’m told 😯 most didn’t even realise i was looking for their spondulas?!!

    I should have laid some flooring for the OPW. would have got €15,000 instead of the €5k i really need 😆

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