what to do with that old dead tree…

I had seen this somewhere before… anyhow. If you are bored & need a little….

there ye are luv, sure that looks grand now… wha’ ?

….a little perking up, so to speak then this is for you. If the tree is dead, painting it a *wild* colour does 3 things….

  • it saves you the cost & time of cutting it down
  • uses up some of that old paint in the shed
  • most important –  it really does makes people smile

Just make sure and use an outdoor paint for wood…. that’s what trees are made of & and if you don’t like it after you paint it you can always chop it down ….. Go on go wild this weekend… you know you want to 😆

ps: i waited ’til her indoors was gone to do the shopping and put the music up quite loud….. great fun…. while it lasted!!

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  1. Kim | Web  Design
    Kim | Web Design says:

    This has to be one of the best idea’s someone has come up with in a long time, this would never have occurred to me to paint a dead tree. This way it less expensive and it does just brighten up an area.
    Thanks for sharing this idea with us.

  2. Sue
    Sue says:

    I just love your red tree and make for lovely art work and instead of destroying it and having wasted space it creates a great look. A wonderful idea indeed.

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