grow your own, cheaper than B & Q

I was on the phone to my good pal Thomas yesterday. Tom was doing some garden chores and wanted advice… he was in B & Q. The conversation turned to the grown your own kits that were on sale being sold there…

They’re how much Tommy?!!

That’s flamin’ mental….

So I’ve taken one example I have done myself. [The last 3 photographs are not from the B& Q kit by the way…. 🙂 ]I called it how to grow [your own] seeds [click here]. It cost me 10 cents…

But let me do a quick break down analysis [versus] what you get for €6.99.


  • i’ll assume a jam jar is the same size as a can of coke. 330 ml. Lets call it 500ml [mililitres].
  • In a bag of multi-purpose compost there is generally 75 litres [75 l].
  • 1,000 ml = 1 litre therefore 75 l = 75,000 ml.
  • Divide 75,000 by 500 and that’s 150 jam jars. [you still there…. ]
  • At no more than €7.50 a bag of compost [€7.50 divided by 150 jars] thats’s 5 cents for your compost.

Jam Jar or pot

  • one jam jar = free


  • i’ll use lettuce for this example. B & Q’s lettuce seeds.
  • [I went here entered lettuce in the search bar and got this by the way]
  • They say there’s 1,000 seeds in a packet and they cost in sterling €2.10. I’ll call it €10.00 just for the sake of easy maths.
  • So 5 seeds should cost…. 5 cents.

This means a homemade ‘grow your own’ kit should cost you 10 cents. [takes a quick look at the photographs price tags again….

That’s serious spondula’s…. my question now is what’s the difference between the two ? gardening as I knew it when I was 5 years old was compost-less. It was a handful of muck, sieved and at the back of it all just good craic…. However you grow your bits and bobs – enjoy 🙂

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  1. Derry
    Derry says:

    Wow Peter that’s some price difference. It shows that with the right packaging and promotion you can sell just about anything way above it’s true market value. Just look at some of our politicians for instance!

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Derry,

    i’m still smiling at what actually sells in Ireland and for how much. Fair lay to someone making a few quid – but when the alternative is sooooo far easier, simpler, cheaper [by so much] and better for the environment… the ‘grow your own’ ethos has kind of had a slight beating via this product..

    As regards our politicians… don’t get me started 🙄

    slán go foill

  3. Gillian Clark
    Gillian Clark says:

    Hi there, I have already bought your own lettuce trio – ah well will know better next time. Only thing is for a budding (pardon the pun!) gardener as myself there are very little instructions. Do I put the long tray thing inside on my window sill or outside? I had aimed to put it outside but not so sure now. Any help would be much appreciated!


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