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blacknight …technology for a gardener #1

blacknight solutions
blacknight solutions

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #1. First up is Blacknight Solutions.

I use Blacknight for my web hosting. I am very recently a new customer. I suppose being a ‘non techie’ this was something I didn’t know anything about until very recently. In short, as long as I can see my website – I didn’t need to worry? That was until last June after Bloom when my website appeared with the message ‘SUSPENDESD’ when one tried to see my site – for 6 weeks!

It is only when things go wrong that one really realises how valuable customer response and service is. These guys are genius in that department.

When you wish to register a domain… or check if the name of a website is available and possibly purchase it. These are also the guys. And nice guys. Good at what they do. I like them. Very much.

Outside of that they are 100% Irish owned and are based in Carlow.

This is a real case of you can’t get better than, it is guaranteed Irish and a company very successful at what they do.

I may have missed out on some other products and services they provide, but this is what I use them for.

without blacknight you wouldn't see this!
without blacknight you wouldn't see this!

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