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I done a few varying lists in the past from top posts to things to do and from Valentines to things to make you happy. Over the last while I have collated a new set and I think it’s about time?

first up courtesy Jessi Mannerings blogcrumbs blog

case of beer seed tray

case of beer seed tray

re cycle charge your phone – with pedal and power – love it 😆

national tree week – March 1st -7th – go on!

build your own breadoven [call the guy!] via irish alotments

fire!!! these water features rock – literally

via – green grannies

use a plastic bag & get 5 years in jail – via eco childs play

ecobaby – compostable –  nappies made from wood pulp? or just use a towel and a big pin like my mammy used to 😆

guarantee a green ireland – buy as local as possible, buy irish & give back the packaging…. and finally…..

this is absolutely amazing… watch it very carefully

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Hi Peter! Thanks for the feature in your blog. It’s funny what a gal can dream up when she’s I’m going to take a pic in a few days to show the massive results I got from the beer box tray. I did cheat a little though. I’ll post what I did when the seedlings are all up. Thanks again. xo

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