a new web….

a new web...

a new web...

The new look website and blog is finally here. It has taken some time… but we have finally made it.

It’s a lot slimmer, a litle bit fresher and a lot more modern.

Before I go any further… it was designed and built with *you* in mind so I simply hope you enjoy reading.

so what have we got that’s groovy:

  • *Cleaner layout with simple user friendly navigation
  • *Landscaping Gallary showcase
  • *Wider search
  • *Daily rotation of header
  • *Simple easy to use contact form
  • *Blog post Audio & print support
  • *Better, user focused comment system
  • *Twitter update integration with twitter API
  • *Page and Post navigation –which is visible @blog bottom section
  • *Gravatar & myblog support @comment
  • *Comment user’s Flag support
  • * Sitewide Vcard support
  • *integration of Blog & site all together
  • *new archive index selection and search method
  • *Category post count

and on the technical side:

  • *Whole site and Blog 95% hardcoded to reduce Plugin deppendancy
  • *IP2Nation Data integration with Database
  • *Flickr account integration and sync
  • *Talkr API used for Audio versioning of posts
  • *Better caching system-so the pages load faster

This is all with very special thanks to Kam, Paddy and Adrian. And tomorrow we return to gardens… Let me know what you think, say a well done to the lads… and enjoy, the thoughts and ramblings of a landscape gardener.

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