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photosynthesis – a useful equation

photosynthesis: n [in plants] the process by which a green plant uses sunlight to build up carbohydrate reserves.


it is so to speak plants using the suns light to make its own food. It is that simple… ? The equation above basically says that if a plant takes in carbon dioxide [6CO2]/ air + [6H2O] water — in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll— plants get glucose [C6 H12 O6] and a by product of oxygen [602].

chlorophyll:the green colouring matter of plants, which enables them to convert sunlight into energy

The understanding of this equation is of great benefit. Because we know that plants and trees can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen; We understand what plants need to live and how they do it and surpringly possibly that I should say, but we also know that with the elimination of any one part of the equation that energy production fails and the plant of course, dies.

weed: a plant growing in a place where it is not wanted

Less we forget, the plant kingdom also contains weeds. That a plant requires light and water to grow is quite obvious. However outside it is difficult to keep water from any plant, but, if we block out the light we now know we can prevent any plant from living.

Green fingers?


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