small garden… any ideas?

Whether small or large, the size is irrelevant, your garden should still be given the same amount of thought, detail and attention as any other. If you are looking for ideas, you’ve had enough of the January blues and February is the month you really need to make life that little bit brighter… Then here are some ideas to get you in the groove [see the images below]. Believe me a little work now does pay dividends.

Why now – there’s no looking after it really and plants will take this opportunity to settle themselves in their new homes rather than trying to produce foliage/ flower and possibly having a stressful settling in period.

Some of the images naturally required a little more work than others, some you may need a little help to get you out of the starting blocks… others you may be able to do yourself. But if that little bit of inspiration is lacking at the moment and you need to brighten up your day… soon! Simply, step outside, close your eyes and imagine just for a little and smile 🙂

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  1. donna m
    donna m says:

    this just makes me sigh with longing Peter… we have 4 ft of rock hard snow in our yards (due to slight thawing and freezing daily) and now its snowed another 4 inches over night. sigh… i want to get out there and start! lol and i cant. maybe by march

  2. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Some nice pics there; I have a small garden which I’ve done nothing more than mow since we moved in as I don’t know where to start..still gathering ideas!

  3. Sue | Office Furniture
    Sue | Office Furniture says:

    Hi Peter,
    I just love those gardens its amazing what one can do with a small space, makes me wish that I just had a little space, but I have a patio which I have added some pot plants too just to create something small, in the likes of a garden.

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