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The title might suggest I went head to head with some pot plants or crashed into a tree that was doing ’70 down the motorway… Essentially, this has nothing to do with ‘horticulture’. But it does. Sometimes I do greener things that are more relevent to my business. But in my life, my hobby nee my passion leads me to go that extra stretch – because I want to. So why was I a part of a bunch of ‘bloggers’ going to meet a group of PR people?

See, PR wants to know how to get bloggers to talk about their shit. They’re used to dealing with journalists and media kinds who do that for a living, one of the parts of which is dealing with PR-types. It’s a paying job for journos, thus they have to deal with PR.

I asked myself that on the way. Via Mulley Comms – here‘s what I knew. I thought Ricks post explained it well [quotes above & below]. But from my point of view it was very much a case of press releases v spam; billable hours v spare time; important client v i simply love doing this and i have to v simply passionate about this.

They’ve taken this model and started it with us (blogger head on). But see, we do this because we like it, are passionate about it. We’re amateurs. And thus we don’t have to deal with PR if we don’t want to.

From a personal point of view. I don’t get paid to write blog posts. And for the record it doesn’t increase sales. I simply love what I do. And, I love to write. Bopp the two together and I am that [very simply] content 🙂

The flip side is that whilst sending me [blog writer] a press release is fine… it is more how it is done. I do write about gardening and horticulture professionally for publications [job offers..?!]. But the subject is essentially my editors choice. It is not my magazine, but more often I will get paid. In the context of this weblog. It is solely mine and my free time and I simply hope that you love it as much as I do.

Lexia’s case example’s hit the nail right on the head. Invited [free] to the young scientists exhibition it was written about. The alternate was… when the green party start spamming… 🙁 written about!

I find life is generally pretty good once you love what you do. I do. And I, along with so many others, wear my heart on my sleeve. But sometimes, it shouldn’t always be about ‘show me the money’. So how does one get ‘you to write about things I want you to…’ hello is a great start..

After some slight turbulence, the end gist seemed to be that…. Bloggers can’t be bought. But you can give gestures 😉 and if you want ‘bloggers’ to write about your product, service, event or company…. the route to take is to invite the group along; have a chat, demonstrate it and engage the people who will ultimately do the intended PR exercise for you. Once again, this post notes that already.

Serious matters aside. O’Donoghues was the intended after venue and I got to meet some legends [yes you all are.. ] that I had not met before in Mr Phelan and Mr Seroussi and also Roger Galligan and Alan Costello. A note of thanks should also go to Damien Mulley, Lexia and Edelman PR.

Other articles on this evening: Thomas Brunkards review, Alastair McDermott, Eoin kennedy. This article by Piaras Kelly, lovely to meet you Sir, shall be noted as recommended [ty alastair].

UPDATE: thursday 5th March

one thing that did for sure come from the pr v blogger collision course meet up was the ‘PR thursday garden guest sessions‘  – if you you would like to know more about them –  click here and enjoy.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Excellent post and points! I’m often hit up to do book reviews and other author-related things, and you’re right, it’s all in the delivery. If they’re nice about it and I like their idea, ok. Spam, nah. But isn’t that why people do pay attention to blogs?—they know we’re saying what we mean to say, not what the editor’s telling us to, or what the advertiser’s paying us to, or what the politician’s threatening us to.

    Sounds like a great event—I should say *another* great event, thanks for sharing it with the photos and links!

  2. Thomas Brunkard
    Thomas Brunkard says:

    Thanks for the ref Peter and nice to meet you the other night. Just reading through your blog. As I said at Edelman there’s not much I can do with my balcony but food for thought if the lotto rolls my way tonight…

    See ya again.

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