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this year i went to my *local* Christmas tree farm and picked out my very own tree. It was the first time I’d had a tree in my house as usually I’m away or not around at this time of year.

Anyway… I had no star for my tree, so I asked my niece Lilly if she would mind doing me the honour and making one for me [because as all adults know a made one is better than a bought one, right 😉 ] Lilly and Christopher [lillys younger brother], dropped by and i promised I would give them a mention here, to officially thank them both 🙂 isn’t life just brilliant!

christopher and lilly

christopher and lilly

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    They’re gorgeous! Congratulations to Lilly for being an excellent tree-topper-maker.

    I agree with you about what’s best. I’ve bought five or six beautiful stars and angels over the years for a new tree-topper and every year, when I’m about to put it on, I can’t help pulling out the old one. It’s VERY old being my mother’s, it’s a bit bashed on one side, and as soon as it’s on the tree the whole house suddenly looks like 1955. But it just wouldn’t be Christmas to me, without that stupid thing on top of the tree.

    Congratulations on your IBA nomination btw!!

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