doneraile park

On my winter holidays and travelling from Limerick to Cork I needed a fix. I needed to see a park. I had to. I found one. There was some works going on in the car park. That didn’t matter.

It wasn’t Stephens green. It didn’t have to be. It was Doneraile Park. It was January. It was freezing. It was beautiful. I didn’t spend as much time there as I would have liked – but, I could have stayed there forever. It was romantic. It wasn’t pretty flowers in tidy rows. Although parks of that style have a place in Ireland too I was glad this one didn’t. It was simply nature at its best.

Some recent tree planting was evident which is always great to see.

To the Dúchas staff who look after – bulaidh bós.

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  1. Julian
    Julian says:

    It certainly is beautiful, if you watch where you’re walking (lots and lots of dogs enjoy the feeling of freedom too). The new playground under construction is no bad thing, and if the powers that be can ever make a proper job of the house, that’ll be one piece of national criminal neglect the less to charge them with. I don’t know how the elm alley has escaped the beetles. Perhaps they just didn’t dare.

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