photosynthesis – a useful equation

photosynthesis: n [in plants] the process by which a green plant uses sunlight to build up carbohydrate reserves.



it is so to speak plants using the suns light to make its own food. It is that simple… ? The equation above basically says that if a plant takes in carbon dioxide [6CO2]/ air + [6H2O] water — in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll— plants get glucose [C6 H12 O6] and a by product of oxygen [602].

chlorophyll:the green colouring matter of plants, which enables them to convert sunlight into energy

The understanding of this equation is of great benefit. Because we know that plants and trees can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen; We understand what plants need to live and how they do it and surpringly possibly that I should say, but we also know that with the elimination of any one part of the equation that energy production fails and the plant of course, dies.

weed: a plant growing in a place where it is not wanted

Less we forget, the plant kingdom also contains weeds. That a plant requires light and water to grow is quite obvious. However outside it is difficult to keep water from any plant, but, if we block out the light we now know we can prevent any plant from living.

Green fingers?



bishop lucey park, cork


I suppose I did fit a lot in while I was in Cork. But, although I ‘ve been to Cork so many times I never really took my time in this park. It’s only a small one but I like it. It’s got charachter.

At the time the Coproration were taking down the Christmas decorations and the park itself, horticulturally, was in need of a good manicure and a little tlc. That said…..

I like the fact that the pond walls were built using the remains of the Citys 13th Century City walls. I like that the sculpt is entitled ‘The Onion Seller’ – a little like Liverpools Elanor Rigby. I like that the archways date back to 1860 and were those formerly of the citys corn market, but re-erected in 1985, around the time of the opening of the park. I also like the fact that there were bird feeders in the trees 🙂 For this Cork Corporation deserves applause. I loved it.

small garden… any ideas?

Whether small or large, the size is irrelevant, your garden should still be given the same amount of thought, detail and attention as any other. If you are looking for ideas, you’ve had enough of the January blues and February is the month you really need to make life that little bit brighter… Then here are some ideas to get you in the groove [see the images below]. Believe me a little work now does pay dividends.

Why now – there’s no looking after it really and plants will take this opportunity to settle themselves in their new homes rather than trying to produce foliage/ flower and possibly having a stressful settling in period.

Some of the images naturally required a little more work than others, some you may need a little help to get you out of the starting blocks… others you may be able to do yourself. But if that little bit of inspiration is lacking at the moment and you need to brighten up your day… soon! Simply, step outside, close your eyes and imagine just for a little and smile 🙂

nominated for the irish blog awards…

to my absolute delight i found out that my weblog has been nominated for the Irish Blog Awards 2009.

Why does a gardener blog – click here & read. It may just make sense…

That said – awards or not, it is because of *you* that I write and to be simply nominated is reason enough for me to smile 🙂

To you who read it, to those who nominated me and to those who were there from when I couldn’t turn on a computer. Thank you.

With regard to the categories. I am nominated for Best Specialist Blog sponsored by iQ Content and also for the Best Blog of a business sponsored by Well done to both and all of the sponsors. Congratulations to Damien Mulley too the brains behind what is always an amazing and once again sold out event.

Here are the nominees for both categories containing a lot of my own personal favourites. Well worth a browse.

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i almost forgot….

this year i went to my *local* Christmas tree farm and picked out my very own tree. It was the first time I’d had a tree in my house as usually I’m away or not around at this time of year.

Anyway… I had no star for my tree, so I asked my niece Lilly if she would mind doing me the honour and making one for me [because as all adults know a made one is better than a bought one, right 😉 ] Lilly and Christopher [lillys younger brother], dropped by and i promised I would give them a mention here, to officially thank them both 🙂 isn’t life just brilliant!

christopher and lilly

christopher and lilly