a deer christmas …?

i want one...

i want one...

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    That’s TOO CUTE. The tomato’s a laugh.

    It reminds me of the fabulous topiary gardens at Ladew in Maryland (USA). We went for a visit and spent hours, there were so many fantastic shapes and whole scenes played out in topiary: it was acres and acres, fields and fields, with a whole staff at work every day to maintain them.

    Years afterward I read that the park had suffered from an attack of Dutch Elm disease, and many of the wonderful things we’d seen were gone, in spite of every attempt to save it. I cried over it; the place had seemed magical.

    Now, assuming I’ve got a pot and soil and chicken wire, and a box plant or ivy … how many Christmases before I’ve got my own Rudolph, y’reckon?

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