looking for a bargain-beque …?

a bargain-b-q

a bargain-b-q

I love this time of year. Ok so I would NOT NEVER go buying Christmas cards in January but I would buy a barbeque. Mainly because I dont have the time to do so during the summer… I bought this last week for about €20. BARGAIN!! It was one of the DIY stores [i can’t remember which; really sorry; as I threw away all of the packaging; into a recycle bin of course].

So I got thinking of when I was younger and we had to save up all of our 10p pocket monies to buy Christmas presents and I reckon euro back to irish pence – [i’m one of eight children] we might just have done it on a weeks money; money aside – it is more thoughtful than socks – am I in trouble with my sisters now? Then I thought about Christmas Day and why oh why do of all of my sisters [and families] go to my Moms for Christmas dinner and the Boys to their outlaws inlaws… ? hmmmm

Back to Gardens. Gardens are all about planning. If I dont plan for next year – I will not have a barbeque. I wanted a built in barbie. I’ve got one. I think I’ll build mine over Christmas while the gunfire is going on and Willie Wonkas Chocolate factory is on full volume…. 🙂 [Give me a while and I’ll work out exactly what quantities you need.]

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  1. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    Great bargain Peter and one I’m sure it’s going to come in very handy once your weather warms up. We built ours in last summer and is such a great resource for entertaining friends.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    If I buy anything Christmas (cards, decorations) it’s in January. I pay full-price for nothing: I’m as excited as you are about your €20 barbecue!

    (how are you with earth ovens and such things? I want both…)

    To answer your question with my own impression: Christmas family gatherings centre on the meal together. Meals are made in the kitchen (several hours for a dinner eaten in 20 minutes, argh). Ladies of the family make the meals; they support each other in the kitchen, and it’s easy for a daughter-in-law to feel a bit ‘outside’ in her mother-in-law’s kitchen (believe me I know). But mummies and daughters belong together, for making the biggest meal of the year, so each wants to be with her own. That’s my guess.

    Hope yours is a happy one, wherever you spend it!

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