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adrian… thursday garden guest #5

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For the moment writer #5 is Adrian Mc Mahon. One of lifes really nice guys. Genuinely. If he could help you, he would. And when I have asked – he has. That said ‘Aidos’ main reason for living usually seems to always end with ‘….ah but he’s a mate, you’d have to’. For that reason alone, Im so very proud to know him. He’s also ‘a Ballyboughal resident’. 😉

One of the brains of the Segala team, the Wubud team and the reason why Donegan Landscaping is so advanced from a technology aspect [that said his garden usually looks very good?!!]. He also resides over at Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the sound man from Emmerdale Farm, North County Dublin…..

The Garden – what I like about…

fields of lavander
fields of lavander

From a child hood perspective what I liked most about gardening was digging holes. In those days the garden was what the Playstation or XBox is to many kids today.

One of my earliest memories of our back garden was a big muck hill.

Builders rubbish but to a kid it was what ever you could cook it up to be. Some days a dig-out for action man or else a ramp providing hours of endless fun.When it was removed to make way for the new tarmac drive way I’m sure we shed a tear.

Those tears didn’t last long, with tarmac came new adventures. Firstly skate boarding the mother broke her ankle on a board. Good thing she didn’t try the jump! Enter the BMX, we used to jam a sheet of ply wood up against the garage door as a make shift quarter pipe, thats when kids could be kids and no on worried about insurance.

.... my favourite...?!!
.... my favourite...?!!

While this was going on there was also the other aspects of life in the garden. I remember having to cut the grass! A huge chore with the aul push mower, mind you I was happy to use it after I heard about the local doctor who cut his toes off while using his new petrol mover.

I was a little too young at that stage to man such a machine… little did I know it would provide me with a summer job when I got older. Yes, all summer long myself and my best mate cut grass.

We charged about 50p (front and back) I remember being so chuffed at getting paid for doing something we enjoyed.

At the back of our garden, like Damien I was given a plot to grow what ever I wanted. I used to buy the bags of seeds in the local hardware. They never grew and I never really understood why but if honest I didn’t really care, it was all about the planting.

Many years later after building a house in Ballyboughal. I enjoy the garden more now than I ever did. I’m not over the top with plants. I like it to look nice and clean yet simple to manage. The garden is my excuse for getting some fresh air into the lungs. No one else will do it, its a great excuse for some quiet offline time, be it weeding the roses or battling bramble bushes and having the arms cut to bits.

the 'great' outdoors....
the 'great' outdoors....

I’m still a big child at heart and love my gadgets. The garden is my excuse for a petrol hedge cutter, with enough hedgerow to keep me occupied for the whole weekend is a gamers dream to me.

I don’t get hung up on the name of a flower, if it looks good it stays, if not then it goes, a garden should be as simple as that. Ask me what are my plans for next summer sure as ‘be darned’ I couldn’t answer that right now but one thing is for sure it will involve doing something in the garden 🙂

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