dicksonia antartica

cyatheaceae/ dicksoniaceae

cyatheaceae/ dicksoniaceae

also known as the man/ soft/ wooly tree fern; they remind me of big old cigars with grass groing out of the tops of them… but these guys are so amazing. A genus of semi/ evergreen ferns the trunks as they appear are really a rhizome [another days post] covered with roots of sorts.

They originate from the forests of Australia and ‘can’ grow as high as 20′ tall. They are usually sold by the metre height. I saw these in a nursery in Kildare recently and en mass, they look brilliant! It maybe that they become over popular [ie. the next decking/ bay laurel balls alternate] and more often used in the wrong context that could cause their unpopularity [?]. But to me and for ‘my favourite plants’ list, it was one that I couldn’t leave out. I love them dearly. Enjoy 🙂

especially for susan... :)

especially for susan... 🙂

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    They look a bit like a firecracker going off at one end, don’t they? A very different look from what we’re used to, but it would be fun to play with landscape design with these.

    How tall would they grow here, and can you inhibit their growth through pruning or rootbinding? How long will they live with good care and no disasters?

    Thanks for sharing new and exotic plants, by the way: I haven’t seen these in our garden centres yet.

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