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Increasingly I am asked why I bother to write this weblog? I don’t particularly know why…. Some see it as time wasted; some ‘don’t get it‘ and some wonder what I get from it; I decided to dispel the myths that may linger out there regarding my weblog.

But as the queries went a little further I tried to find the ‘perfect’ answer. Sidetracking slightly, I was browsing through Deborahs Tastie website. I found a sense of honesty that lay behind her writings, a reasoning for writing and an independent mind. I like this. It made me want to read more of her writings because of that honesty and truthfulness that would remain. I felt this was a good place to start.

To that, I have two loves in my life, and in no particular order horticulture and writing. I have pretty much always written. Horticulturally, since I was 26 years old I wrote weekly for the Farmers Journal for 2/3 years and now quarterly for Selfbulid Ireland magazine. I’ve also done some freelance writing. The reality is there are very few full time writing gigs available in Ireland. That aside here are my whys and why nots….

  • i don’t get paid for writing my weblog articles
  • i don’t do it on company time
  • i can pre-programme posts to publish on a certain date and time
  • i do this on articles that are irrelevant of time-ish
  • i’ve never been paid for a review [see first point also]
  • i write mainly late in the evenings and the weekends
  • i do so because i dont watch much tv
  • because i don’t like to [i prefer to read.. or write] and i only have 4 tv channels
  • because i have the rabbit ears type tv aerial
  • and therefore the reception is very poor
  • and re-read paragraph 3
  • and because I enjoy it
  • like a wife being you’re wife & your best friend; gardening is my work and my hobby [i know it’s the same]
  • i can pretty much write off the top of my head
  • because i try to write passionately and from my heart
  • i also think people like reading my writing…

Some queries asked if I would do reviews for their products. It is here that I will quote from Deborahs Tastie site

I will consider free gifts and products for review as long as you respect my right to review them honestly.  I will not consider reviewing anything where non-disclosure or a favourable impression is required.  I would strongly advise PR folks or anyone else seeking to interact with myself or any other blogger to read this first.

Some queries have asked if I would be willing to write for them. We should talk first probably but you can call the office on 003531-8078712 and I make really good coffee.

I hope this helps explain why I like to write. If there are any other queries, one can also leave a comment, I will answer as soon as I possibly can. Should I bother – I’d like to think so.

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6 replies
  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    Good ‘Reason for Being’ post Peter! There seems to be a lot of ‘whats the point of blogs?’ feeling out there at the moment, even by time starved bloggers themselves. There is a lot of crap out there, but content remains king.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Great post. I’m glad you blog, because the phone book is nothing but a list of strangers’ names, and when I need you in a few months’ time, it’s going to be a relief and a joy to finally call a tradesmen I feel I already know somewhat, and can trust.

    Blog and blog some more!

  3. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Thanks for the kind words Peter. Forgive my delayed response, it’s been a hectic week! 🙂

    I can relate to some of your whys, although I would by no means consider myself a writer!

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