rhs chelsea flower show 2009

tickets are already on sale for RHS Chelsea flower show. How do I know? Well I follow them on twitter! The RHS are on twitter here and of course donegan landscaping is on twitter here.

rhs & donegan landscaping on twitter

it’s amazing to think that even an organisation like the rhs [on the go since 1804] is embracing technology and using it to its advantage.

And it’s also, maybe, something that Irish event organisers should consider? It is for sure a lot better than the days of old where email addresses meant an inbox full of daily deletions….

Bulaidh bós lads.

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  1. Julian
    Julian says:

    I’m impressed. Fair play, RHS. But they do make a habit of doing things properly. The slightly annoying prescriptive rigour about which way up to plant my sunflower seeds &c. (which I can ignore anyway if I want to) just reinforces my conviction that they really do know what they’re on about.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    They are streets ahead. So well organised. Great to see. Something maybe other garden shows should’ve looked into by now…….?

    How did the sunflowers go for you?
    great to hear from you again

  3. Julian
    Julian says:

    If there was a bit more of that kind of organisation here I mightn’t have had to leave gardening for a living.

    Though if you saw my sunflowers, you might think that was for the best: miserable spindly things that have only just flowered, with blooms the size of a coffee saucer. Which is just what I was expecting, really. I didn’t show them much love.

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