10 things to make you happy…

oh happy days...

oh happy days...

I had written a list of [10] garden posts that were relevant to the people of Ballyboughal over here and I’d also given a list of the top 10 garden posts you liked the most. That aside, and with 8 odd weeks to Christmas this is my Top 10 thing to make you happy… or at the very least make you smile! You know where to come if you get stuck!

[ps the reason for doing this is because of george lee this… and I believe life is good… I dont have a gizillion dollar$… but life is good! If you’re smile isn’t as big as it normally should be… then this is for you enjoy! 😉

and finally….

UPDATE: the illustrated friar blog has done one over there
Sinéad has done a really happy cool one over here
Iced Coffe Phil has 10 happy things over there
winds and breezes has spectaularly going on over here
and Marie has it all smelling of roses over here at the strange quark 🙂
AND donna over at another nightmair blog just popped up with another bundle of happiness [i like no.9 😉 ]
…of course ballyboughal had to have my personal top 10 happy things ….

John isn’t happy at all…. and you can of course leave yours as a comment if you wish…

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