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trevor and peter

trevor and peter

unknows to some [it was unknown to me] and it seems Trevor Sargeant – he was away this week and his office was only emailed a report of this, this week. Baleally green waste facility in North Dublin is due to close down. For Good. Why? I don’t know. But there is no alternate commercial facility in place.. to replace, at least not one that is state managed.

So where does the [green] waste go? Baleally was the only place north of the river left for commercial green waste. There is another, yet domestic only, green waste facility at The Estuary recycling facility in Swords…. So where should businesses of a green nature dispose of our waste or should one simply throw this issue to landfill, the roadside or the nearest gateway of our politicians… ?

Side tracking slightly – domestic green waste is differenciated by the vehicle driven [domestic or commercial] and also by trailer attached to the vehicle whether single axel or greater than. It’s not like the politicians of North Dublin don’t know about this… the question is will ‘they’ do anything…. ?

Trevors office emailed me this…

From: Toni Hogan [mailto:Toni.Hogan@fingalcoco.ie]On Behalf Of PJ Howell
Sent: 15 October 2008 15:24
To: Alan Farrell; Anne Devitt; Brenda Clifford; Ciaran Byrne; Clare Daly; Darragh Butler; David Healy (Councillor); David OConnor (Councillor); Eithne Loftus; Eoghan OBrien; Gerry McGuire; Joan Maher; Joe Corr; Mags Murray; Margaret Richardson; May McKeon; Michael J Cosgrave; Michael ODonovan; Paul Donnelly; Paul Donnelly; Peggy Hamill (Councillor); Peter Coyle; Robert Kelly; Ruth Coppinger; Tom Kelleher; Brendan Ryan; Brian Lenihan; Darragh O’Brien; James Reilly; Joan Burton; Leo Varadkar; Michael J Woods; Michael Kennedy; Noel Ahern; Pat Carey; Roisin Shortall; Terence Flanagan; Tommy Broughan; Trevor Sargent; Brian Murray; Gerry Buckley; Gertie Shields; Heidi Bedell; Kathleen Hammond; Larry Dunne; May McKeon; Monica Hartford; Ned Pyne; Sean Brown; Stephen Kilgallon
Cc: Florence White; Alain Kerveillant
Subject: Balleally Civic Amenity Site

Dear Councillor, TD, Senator and Town Councillor

As you know Balleally Landfill which is operated under a Waste Licence issued by the EPA is nearing the end of its life.  As part of this Waste Licence we are required to remediate the full landfill site including the area currently being used for the Civic Amenity.   Although we have maintained public access to the site and to the Civic Amenity for as long as possible while work is being carried out we must now close the Civic Amenity facility in order to carry out the final phase of the landfill remediation.

Balleally Civic Amenity must therefore close to the public on Friday 31st October next.Householders in Fingal can continue to bring their recycling materials to the following Household Recycling Centres at Swords and Balbriggan:Balbriggan Recycling Centre Unit1, IDA Industrial Estate, Balbriggan Co Dublin.

(Restricted to packaging, paper, small WEEE, wood and metal, no household refuse or ‘dirty loads’ for landfill are accepted). waste for disposal cannot be accepted at Balbriggan or Swords as these sites are not licenced by EPA.

Householder needing to dispose of non recyclable household waste should use their Fingal County Council Black Bin Service, Fingal County Councils Bulky Waste Collection or, in the case of larger quantities of mixed waste for disposal, they should hire a skip or skip bag from an EPA licensed waste collector.

We appreciate the huge efforts householders in Fingal make to recycle their household waste and we will continue to provide first class recycling facilities to ensure our customers can continue to do that to the greatest extent possible.

Yours sincerely – PJ Howell,, Director of Services,Environment, Economic & Social Development

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  1. James Spillane
    James Spillane says:

    Hi Peter,

    I was taking all of the greenwaste from Ballealy to our composting facility at (Bord na Mona Horticulture) Kilberry in Kildare until Friday last. I would be happy to take material there from individual landscapers but it is a very busy environment and only suitable for large vehicles. Alternatively I can arrange collection of material from landscapers yards if there was enough interest. I am working on developing a transfer station in North Dublin to solve the issue created by the closure. Let me know what you think. You can get my contact details from the website or drop me an email on the above address.


  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara James,

    I would first suggest The ALCI [association of landscape contractors of Ireland] would be a good starting point.

    I am also very aware that some ‘private’ companies will look to work this falter within the states lax attitude to dealing with waste in this country. It would be great if a semi state body were to intervene. No disrespect to any private companies – but waste is not just about a legal business as I’m sure you are aware.

    You might keep me posted on what Bord na Mona comes up with. It has to be better than the situation ‘i/ we’ are in at the moment? 🙂

    a pleasure and thank you for taking the time to comment.

    slán agus beannacht

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