the big tidy…

some call it ‘garden hygiene’ but, it is simply, really, a good darned clean up combined with a close up inspection to leave you in good stead for next year. It is what my Mother used to do before Christmas in the house – the big winter/ spring clean – so to speak.

It is absolutely necessary. If the weather has made you neglect the garden for a while [?] then here’s a little helping hand for what should be done… [off the top of my head…]

  • cutting back of smaller growing plants [ieg lavanders] to prevent soft woody
  • growth which may rot
  • cutting back of all hedging type [ieg large fuchsia] excepy for those that may
  • spring flower [ieg forsythia]
  • division of herbaceous planting and replanting
  • fertilising [with a relevant SRF] of trees and shrubs
  • cleaning/ removal to the base of all planting of a seasons debris
  • a reshaping of all lawn edgings
  • the adjustment of all tree strappings/stakes
  • the removal of dead wood and growth
  • the removal and/ or treatment of all weeds
  • laying of bark mulch after spraying
  • the cutting of all hedges
  • planting of bulbs [now!]
  • planning for all tree and hedge planting and the ordering of [now!]
  • painting/ treatment of all fences, sheds, furniture and timbers
  • birds feeders and seed – go gettem – almost there!
  • fork that lawn

Once again, these are just some of the chores/ tasks that should be completed. The list is pretty much that, that will be done to my own garden. If there is anything more I should add… then just let me know; and if I can help in anyway – just pick up the telephone and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you!

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