why wont my plant grow there…

where does it want to grow..?

where does it want to grow..?

Sometimes the question to be asked *is* where does the plant want to grow? A weed is defined as a plant growing in a place where it is not wanted. Sometimes i get S.O.S. emergency calls asking why a plant isn’t doing so well here, or why [ieg] Marys plant grows better for her in her garden.

To be very honest – sometimes when a plant has ideal conditions in a nursery and it moves to another place/ home of not so ideal conditions it may just faulter and may then decide to come back. It may also decide that it just does not want to grow there*. The only option can often be to take a court case against Mother Nature…

With that in mind, it was quite unusual to see these plants [weeds?] growing in such an odd place [en route to the visitor centre coffee shop in the phoenix park]. I doubt that if the reference books are checked that the ideal conditions for the growing of these species noted are those of solid rock and mortar.

But then, I think i’ve been here before with regard to lawns

* note: plants are not concrete blocks

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