tools of the trade…

...waterproof cameras are essential

...waterproof cameras are essential

this is my camera. The olympus U 790 SW. Why I am writing about it? Well, I have had this camera longer than any other in my career – and that includes disposable cameras! Outdoors-eee [or just me?] people have a habit of destroying everything particularly phones and cameras and people are forever asking me what I choose and why. This photo was [one of many] taken at electric picnic. To the daring non-believers this was the test.

It’s waterproof to 3 metres, shock proof to 1.5 metres and has a host of other fancy stuff that I don’t need to understand, if you do however – pop your comment or thoughts in below. My other reason apart from the fact that it’s indestructable, as far as I’m concerned, is that it can take low resolution [175kb ish] all the way up to ‘super high quality’ [magazine standard/ 3.5 ish MB] pictures.

It is for that reason an essential tool of the trade. Now where’s that hammer….

UPDATE: sept 9th 2009

i just broke this camera – trying to prove it is indestructable 🙄



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  1. David O'Callaghan
    David O'Callaghan says:

    You should know by now that nothing is indestructible. Calling something indestructible is not a statement, it’s a challenge . . . . and you rose to it. LOL
    Does that come within the guarantee criteria? Did you bring it back or just put it down to experience? At least now you’ve saved me the bother of buying one and finding out the hard way that it’s not up to speed. I think maybe I might go for the new Canon alternative. The Powershot D10 sounds good and I have been using Canon pocket cameras for a good few years now and have always been happy with them. Surprised with Olympus though, they have a great reputation and should have been up to the job.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara David,

    fair point re the challenge 😉 – but for the price paid less than 2 years ago I’m extremely disappointed. I did bring it back to the shop [lets call it Hardly Normal for now 😉 ] but I was told [and I quote] ‘eh? its broke’. Its also not stocked anymore. In hindsight I’m disappointed that I reviewed it and rated it so highly.

    I did buy, however in replacement te canon powershot D10. So far… it’s a little bulkier than the olympus [from a back pocket wallet size point of view] – BUT – its video recorder is worthwhile recording with and it is also 12.1 megapixel rather than the 7.1 of the olympus. It also doesn’t have a lense cover which on the olympus used to jam. I’ll give it a bit of time to fiddle around with but…. I think I may be reviewing this initial review.

    I’ll borrow your closing line if you don’t mind…

    Surprised with Olympus though, they have a great reputation and should have been up to the job.

    slán go foill
    [and great to hear from you again]

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