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...making it look so easy

...making it look so easy

Understanding that my only computer training was on a BBC computer 45 mins per week in secondary school, that I had no computer training in college and obviously no computer training thereafter – i’ve come a long way. I’ve made efforts to change that and that needed to go to a higher level.

Wednesday 17th August, at the much spoke about cork interational airport hotel, no more than 10 people who use ‘technology’ as part of their business [who doesn’t?] learnt from a master on how to best use this tool to ones advantage.

It was good that the class size was small, the class was of varying backgrounds and that it was all made relevant [everyones story] to ‘your’ business. Its is also good when the guy at the top of the class appreciates this and can smile. Of course we all had different motives to what we wanted from the course, but it thought me so much and I wanted to learn.

If you think of your web site/ blog [simply] as an overhead and dont mind as long as it *looks* alright then this course is probably isn’t for you. But Damiens course covers [click here] so much and it was an education that was so much appreciated and I must admit now an advantage.

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  1. Ciara Crossan
    Ciara Crossan says:

    Really enjoyed the training, got lots of very practical advice on dealing with the media. The added bonus was getting to share our own experiences during the interactive session and then lunch afterwards in the hotel. Thanks a million to Damien.

  2. Dave Kelly
    Dave Kelly says:

    Yup, I’d definitely agree with you guys – it was a very useful session. I thought the focus on the practical details of producing material for the media was well worth attending for.

  3. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Damien gave a great talk full of practical information and techniques on how to approach the media. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn how to approach the media to promote their business.

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