electric pink [boat] tweet up

tweet up at the pink boat?

tweet up at the pink boat?

[yeah – i moved it…] Electric Picnic is nearing – click here

Adrian proposed it.Maryrose is bringing two. Marie Boran thought it would be great. David said he’d join in. Frankiep & Ciara are aboard now. I know Rick [on hols at the mo’] will be there. And of course i’ll be there

You don’t ‘have to’ wear pink, you don’t have to be able to swim – you don’t even have to have been dragged seen the abba movie. What you do have to do is be slightly humorous, mldly inspired, not be a fan of the cheeky girls and be up for a bit of a laugh.

It’s in the art trail at no 11. Casino Royal Boat – that’s another story but – one I didn’t want to use for Bloom 2008. [I’ll explain later…]

11). ‘Casino Royal’ Boat – donated by Peter Donegan
The 1957 Royal Cruiser Mark II is reported to have been originally christened Casino Royale and allegedly featured in the James Bond movie of the same name in 1967.

Fast forward to 2008 Peter Donegan gives it it’s inaugural land trip to the Bloom Festival where it featured, freshly painted pink (“to make people smile”) in his fully recyclable garden that he designed & landscaped for the festival. Wanting to find a good home for it after the festival he launched a national campaign on 2FM which is when we heard of it and were happy to adopt it in exchange for some festival tickets which were auctioned for the Niall Mellon Township Trust www.irishtownship.com where they hope to build a Garden of Hope community garden.

Back to the festival…. It could be a load of headless chickens in pink headbands – it could be just a bunch of hippies at a music festival. But how many times have you ever seen a pink boat… Join the Electric tweet-up and sign up for the revolution…. be sure to wear some [sun] flowers in your hair.

What’s a tweet-up. Well it’s a meet up for twitter-ers, I suppose.

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  1. frankp
    frankp says:

    Cool – where can the Pink Boat be found? Body & Soul area?
    It’ll be difficult ot organise a meetup that doesn’t either clash with something or occur while I’m sleeping.. 😀 – but I hope to see you there!

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    dunno mate, never done a tweet-up before and never been to EP… ? I know it in the art trail. But *i think* the last bloggers/ meet/ tweet up with photo evidence was the mozilla firefox party… [correct me anyone]?

    would be cool to have it again. Esp for this – the whole reason its there is down to @damienmulley @aido grandad; forninepounds; and @rickoshea – feels only right to give it some form of inauguration [?], blessing…. surrounded by those who began its journey [is that too poetic..?]

    help anyone??!! [smiles]

  3. frankp
    frankp says:

    So it looks like the pink boat may be quite near the main stage – between main stage and bacardi tent kind of by the looks of the map…

    So at least we have some idea of location for Tweet up… as for day and time, it’s always difficult to organise so it doesn’t clash with an act someone wants to see.

    Friday afternoon before things *really* kick off is good, but depends on whether everyone plans to be there Friday afternoon…

  4. frankp
    frankp says:

    Maybe lunchtime Saturday would be good?

    Despite what I said earlier, Friday is likely to be chaotic… I can’t see anything seriously good on Friday around lunch time, so I humbly propose Saturday 12.30 at the Pink Boat!

    Also, according to the leaked timetable Fred are playing on Friday at 5.15 at the cosby stage – they will be an excellent kick off to the party, Ihghly recommend being there and then onto Jape at 6.30…

    Fred: http://www.myspace.com/fredtheband

    Oh, the excitement!

  5. frankp
    frankp says:

    So.. .sorry.. to clarify I reckon since there doesn’t seem to too much on about 12.30 on Saturday that’s what we should go for..

    If you’re into that let’s start recruiting! 🙂

  6. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    i’m up [?!!] for it… nice one mate [and duly noted in the intro-paragraph] bulaidh bós.

    @marie boran – is this the first bloggers/ tweet-up since mozilla?
    we’ll of course need a group pic
    now let’s start recruiting… eh.. eh..hmm ?!

  7. Ciara Crossan
    Ciara Crossan says:

    Heard about the tweetUp through FrankieP, but had read about the boat from EP website. Will be great to see it and meet fellow Twitterites! CANNOT WAIT till Friday!!! 😀

  8. marie boran
    marie boran says:

    cornsarnit. Some of us may just be rising at 12 after a night of over indulgence. I can see myself arriving a tad late to the tweetup …

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