waste money, not water…?

water conservation?

water conservation?

Like all, almost all, some semi state employees when its not your money, why should you care? Benchmarking? hmmm….

Here’s a top tip: sell umberellas and wellingtons in the rainy season and sunscreen and sunglasses in the sunny season or in this case promote ‘your’ waterbutts when its raining and water conservation when its not.

Butt [?!] what do I know. I’m just being logic.

This courtesy of Conor Popes Blog. Well done mate, again.

I’ve just heard what might the most pointless ad ever broadcast on Irish radio. It was from the water conservation people and urged listeners not to use hoses to water their grass. Sorry, what? Did someone really think it was absolutely necessary to spend money – our money – on cautioning people against watering their grass with a hose? Just when are we supposd to be out watering the grass? In between sandbagging our houses keep the torrential rains out? Pity they haven’t heard of money conservation.

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  1. C
    C says:

    ok, i know it seems like a joke… but it’s still a very valid message being given.

    The most probable reason this ad was unexpectedly aired during the flooding would be due to it having been ‘booked’ in as part of the ad campaign.
    You can’t exactly blame the media planner for this. I’m sure HB Ice Cream media planners are coming under similar flak!

    However, the message of water conservation still holds true during our current washout period.

    During recent flooding in Limerick, the local council issued a drinking water conservation notice because production at a nearby water treatment plant has been stopped.
    Maybe this just highlights the need for proper education on water and how we just take a flowing tap for granted in this Country…

  2. C
    C says:

    Meant to mention that we could do with lots more knowledge on conservation / and use of waterbutts (could have worked wonders the past two ‘summers’!). Taptips etc… need a better rounded approach as perception seems to be having a backlash effect.

  3. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    points well made – how many people do I know with water butts? zero!

    how many therefoe do i know that theoretically they can be bought for free…? none. I was lucky to stumble across it. In all aspects I agree.

    I’ve a funny feeling water charges may change most of this…?!


  4. C
    C says:

    Could do with them alongside our green bins etc… would definately be an innovative step by local councils.

    Took the thought right out of my head… water metering would shake our mindset up. Only a matter of time I reckon.

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