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I started ‘blogging’ around October last year. I blog passionately. I try to. I never really worried too much about what I wrote – as long as it was from my heart. I hope[d] this [would] shine through.

I never for one minute expected that my experiences of ‘my’ horticultural world would be reviewed [?] by Irelands Technology News Service – Silicon Republic – and the great writings of Marie Boran [It was never my intention].

This, to me, is like my very own little oscar. A big deal for 5 horticulturalist in a meeting this morn! It’s not a blog award. It’s not a blog post award. It’s not an award. It is for a horticulturalist. It is to be posted on the notice board in the office – possibly even framed! It is more than an award, to me. Thank you Silicon republic. Here’s what Marie [flowers are on the way] thought:

Move over Diarmuid Gavin! Peter Donegan is a complete gardening nut and blogs religiously on the topic. It is obvious from this blog that it is not just his profession but his passion.

I particularly love the post where he tells us about his deep-rooted (no pun intended) love of gardening, which started with the growing of bulbs under his bed at the tender age of four!

There is something wonderfully captivating about holding in your hand the power of life within a tiny seed and having the responsibility to nurture this living thing. Unfortunately, I bored easily as a child and was apt to let my precious plant die.

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