the taxi regulator and the rank…

taxi ranks - could they be beautiful?

irish taxi ranks - could they be beautiful?

This isn’t Ireland, it’s Maderia! I know we can’t grow bananas in Ireland. I’m not suggesting we go bananas – but how about pretty[er] taxi ranks?

Most Irish taxi ranks look **** [you say it]! Generally not pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pretty one. I hear *The* Taxi Union President Tommy Gorman. I hear him a lot. A man with principles. But can ‘The Big Man’ who can – become a greener man – maybe even a giant?

tommy gorman - green giant?

tommy gorman - green giant?

I’m a good paying paying customer. I like taxi drivers. But why can’t the ranks of the drivers do their bit for their *customers*. Why can’t I have some extra cudos for my spondula’s? I’m not saying rip up half of Ireland. Just outside your & our rank. Or is this the responsibility of the regulator?

I’ll judge for free. The prettiest taxi rank competition! A tidy towns best garden competition of sorts especially for taxi ranks.

If i’m wrong[?] and ‘your local’ rank is beautiful… I apologise. Email me a photograph and your details. I’ll post it here. Free advertising and bulaidh bós to you. You deserve it. If yours is **** [you say it] – well then I guess we’ll all just have to put up with it…

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