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garden poetry…

peter donegan landscaping ltd behind the waterfallInspired by David at Poetry Ireland today, I sought reference to lines of choice with relevance to gardens.

On an evening like this rarity there really is nothing better than some good coffee, beau at your side and some poetry to hand.

I love reading from Irelands love poems [A. Norman Jeffares]. It is a rarity but, it is good.

David however suggested two. The first excerpt is from Serenade by John Mole

into the primal space, the freely given – with the cost not counted, where the two of us – lie down together, laughing, and let be

The second is Rosaceous Wonders by Sebastion Barker

O rosaceous wonders on – the gilt of evening, speak to me, – And be the understanding gone from lilacs, perfect artistry

The beauty about this poetry website is that – assuming you don’t want to read the poetry – it reads it to you. Met Eireann is predicting a little change on the way, so for the moment, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the poetry.

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