cagney & lacey – the chickens

Yesterday I got these two guys. The simplest thing *anyone* can ever do in the smallest of spaces. It took a little for them to settle in but after one night they’re good now.

What You Will Need:

The run I made is from an old dog kennell; some chicken wire [burried about 3″ below ground] & old timber; feeders[2] one for water & one for dry food [from fingal farm supplies North Dublin]. Some timber shavings were used as bedding inside the kennell. This can be cleaned out once a week and put on the green waste heap. Now all you need to do is wait for the eggs!

I named these two girls Cagney & Lacey…. enjoy

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  1. Aido
    Aido says:

    you are a genius – if only a lot more people had the same attitude to life that you do. Wouldn’t life be so simple, or as you might say, less complex.
    Your business accumen in that context is to be admired and whilst you do work extremely long hours you also make up for this by wearing your heart on your sleeve.
    Congratulations. Admirable and deserved.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

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