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peter donegan landscaping squirrel

I was reading this article on squirrels – I’d seen them in Brackenstown recently and a good friend had some pics which he kindly passed my way.

So I rang Ger from Fota Wildlife Park for a quick chat. Nice guy. Nice place. [I should visit more.]

Reds and greys aside I simply asked Ger what can one do to encourage squirrels. He kindly explained that:

the grey ones are not bad although they’re having an easier time than the reds. But wildlife and squirrels need a diverse habitat. In our open spaces to encourage them [he suggests] If the leaves fall, don’t rake them all up totally or rake them into a corner and leave in a pile. If you must have a pristine garden try and leave even a section aside to grow a little wild. they’re also love oak trees and if someone has the space thats a really good thing to do to help them.

If you are about Cork, I recommend dropping in – it is so worthwhile. If you’re too busy you can always adopt an animal at Fota [click here] and you can assured the squirrels simply do normal squirrel things….

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  1. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    Hey Darren

    thanks for stopping by mate. I got an email today saying why do squirrels sim on their backs – to keep their nuts dry…

    yip an oldie but a goldie….?!!

    slan go foill

  2. alastair
    alastair says:

    Peter, thanks for dropping by the blog. We have a good number of the grey squirrels around the farm here. We don’t encourage them, but they are great craic to watch.

  3. Ger
    Ger says:

    Hey thanks for the promotional bit really appreciate it, what you definately have in that photo there is a grey but the red blotches are very misleading. Another useful tip for those looking to attract some squirrels to the garden is to leave out nuts and sunflower seeds. if anyone wants to find out more dont be afraid to contact us by email. Thanks again Peter

  4. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    a chara – dito – i can understand ‘not encouraging’ them around the farm – but they are great to watch. Great stuff
    slán go foill

    Ná habhair é. your web is very worthwhile – even better is a visit and it to Fota – it was sincerely a pleasure talking to you last week. go raibh míle maith agat arís.

    slán go foill

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