landfill is for wasters – recycle a computer

recycle computers I don’t know much about computers, really. Like a car, I can drive it but thats it. Anyhow there’s a computer crowd called UBUNTU…..

They’ve decided to work alongside Camara, an Irish charity who take in second hand computers do them up [basically] and send them to schools and colleges in Africa who need them.

You might say its a bit like the Jack and Jill foundation and giving them your old phone. Whats that got to do with a garden? Well it beats sending it to landfill I suppose. So there you have it.

If you’re going to chuck it out – give these lads a call first and make yourself feel all super dooper and amazing. It may be one, it may be one hundred. It will be used. You can rob the plug off the end if you really that desperate. They use different plugs in Africa anyway

Go on, don’t be a waster!

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