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Almost the simplest thing to do horticulturally is to sow a lawn… ? If you sowed a lawn with seed anything up to two months ago it may look like this. [Sparky my dog is in there just to give some perception of size].

One may take your lawn problem solver book and put a match to it. Books tend to base what should happen month by month style on a mean [average] temperature. What it doesn’t say & cannot predict is last June would be one of the wettest in Irelands history and this June would be one of the warmest on record! Same rules still apply? Not possible.

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Back to the lawn; If you have a back garden or in my case around an acre, the hose isn’t really logic. I tend not to recommend it anyway because of varient pressure, people ‘jamming’ their thumb in the top of the hose [causing seed dispersal and baldness] and because ‘how much water is enough? is about as logic as how much will a car cost…

Too your semi existing lawn; Maybe you predicted the timing of the acttual works wrong? Not really based on last June. So what is it? Why wont the seed germinate in your lawn?

The basic reason for any plant to start to grow is to reproduce. Simple. It has a life cycle that must complete. [From seed to plant – into flower – and return to seed]. Thats its job! anything else is a bi product.

In this weather would you let a child outside without a factor sunscreen on? [Answer should be no I assume ps I don’t have kids]. A seed has one shot in life, it will decide itself if its the right time to make its move. Its got a tiny store of food to get its head just peeped out & then hope luck is onside. Its one chance at life… then it  wakes up in Ireland and hits 35% relative humidity, 20/5 degree celcius & sahara like soil… seeds are just not that stupid.

grass seed will grow just about anywhere peter donegan

The problem as to why your seed wont germinat; You think it may be the soil? My answer; This is the ‘boreen’ [old irish road] I sowed seed into at the same time as my back lawn pictured above. Poor soil an excuse. NO chance. The soil isn’t great, sure but it is more fertile than stone? So why not grow in soil.

The fact that the boreen is North facing and in almost constant shade does help – a lot.

I’m going to cut straight to the soultion to everyones lawn ‘starting to grown problem’. Wait for Mother Nature to turn down the heating slightly and hope she turns on the water soon. Problem solved. To be honest I could write a book just on this subject – many people have! For you this will keep you sane for the moment as to if you have got it wrong somewhere or not.

Any questions just click the comment part below. Please remember it is a garden, its not a concrete block and just beacause you want it to happen, horticulturally, the seed [or plant] may not want to, in this case, just yet. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine and your garden.

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