the pink boats berth-day bloom 2008[9]

the video…

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  1. aquaasho
    aquaasho says:

    Brilliant! Well done! Terrific project to be involved in….it looks all the more dramatic with the dawn start doesn’t it?!!

  2. Brian ,Valerie & Charlotte
    Brian ,Valerie & Charlotte says:

    Best of luck in Bloom 2008

    Thanks again for the wonderful space you gave us

    You know you and yours are the best and only Gold will do.

    The video is fab

    Congrats again on this masterpiece of Pink

    B,V & Baby C Fox

  3. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Morning Brian, Valerie & Charlotte!

    the pleasure was all mine to be honest!

    Re gold; I know its a lovely colour [!] but I think I may have sacraficed this for a little pink somehow… We wanted this garden to be fun and fun for those who come to visit it. But as long as we had a good time getting there!!
    Who said gardening isn’t fun?!!

    Colin Browne in Irish video it seems also did something a little different!!!

    Amazing support!
    slán beannacht agus go riabh míle maith agaibh

  4. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Aido [different aiden to the Segala aido by the way]

    As previously discussed… a more creative pink rather than a Gold. But as you can gather from the video and our Aerosmith homage its craccking good fun!!

    ‘Going for gold’ wasn’t that the game show with Henry Kelly…?

    really appreciated aido – thanks so much

  5. Jackie D
    Jackie D says:

    Going for Gold was a cracking song by Shed Seven back in the Britpop days…

    Great video, love the pink! Looks like a fun project with lots of hard graft put in on it. Well done!

  6. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Hey Jack,

    more of a Blur man myself although shed seven… whatever happened to them…?

    thanks so much Jackie – a lot of serious hard graft by so many many people who I owe so much more to! But it will be a reat garden, when its finished! [ps thank you all again].

    Great to hear from you
    go raibh míle maith agat
    slán go foill

  7. Colin Browne
    Colin Browne says:

    Hi Peter,
    the boat move was an interesting peice to shoot and enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing the finished garden.
    Good look with the festival and find a nice retirement home for the boat afterwards:)
    Colin Browne – Irish Video

  8. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    never usually get too man compliments on my hair but thank you so much! to those of you who are not aware ’twas Kathleen & John of BDF who housed this massive boat for 6 months whilst restoration works and pink [!] painting took place.
    They also were the brains behind last years Morris… a little smaller i might add!

    slan agus beannacht

    a pleasure working with you my friend! for those of you who dont know Colin is the brains behind the abve filming and editing – and I must say i love your other work too especially the goldfish advert. [check out youtube you might give the account details Colin]

    might need a retirement home for myself and the boat after this garden show !!

    your a genius of all things camera!

  9. Ann Shea
    Ann Shea says:

    Video’s great! Nice touch with the kitty looking on…a good foil in her laziness to all the muscling her royal pinkness into place. And what a handsome actor cast in the role of the master gardner!

    : )

    Ann in Miami

  10. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Hey Ann,

    haven’t heard from you for ages, did you throw your computer in the Liffey..?[a river of sorts in Dublin] and possibly a humourish comment if your Irish!

    Yup, more a canine rather than feline enthusiast myself but little kitty became somewhat of a paid extra in this one! Genius work all down to team[plug well deserved] credit where its due he’s a genius!

    Handsome…nice haircuts [kathleen Friel]…. [I hear a tribunal coming]…. master gardener! Thats two compliments, in writing?!!


    peter in Dublin

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