bloom 2008 [5] – all aboard?!!

since my last posts things have heated up, slightly! But a decision has been made by the Donegan Landscaping team not to release any [semi complete] photographs of the boat until in its fullest glory – and I can assure you D. B. Painters, Noel & the B.D.F. Commercials team are 99% complete on what can only be considered absolute genius!

Today, Gormleys fine art have kindly taken our hand on this amazing journey as our main partner. It is the greatest thing in the world to make people smile by building gardens and I love with passion so dearly my work. To know that a company such as Gormleys, an ideal partner all things considered, will stand tall by my side leaves me brimming with confidence today and above all a radiant smile! Via email Gormleys Fine Art today stated that ‘Gormleys Fine Art is delighted to be involved with Peter Donegan at Bloom 2008. Peter’s gardens are truly inspirational and we take great pleasure in supplying a sculpture by one of our artists Paddy Campbell for his creative design’.

Also on board is another genuis and genuine nice guy Karl Ellis of Rockworld, supplier of my first ever water feature and good friend to this day. Understanding, that Karl got this pic sometime last year with a sketch looking nothing like the one above… His forsight to know me so well is a true sign of an amazing brain. So the water is beind dyed black and the master craftsman of all things Hydrogen Dioxide has worked, as always so hard to yet again, make another of my gardens complete! According to Karl ‘Bloom 2008 is gonna get a little Rock and Roll’ ?!!

And so the adventure continues…. everyone is literally on board! All thats left is for the fine gentlemen of Whittens Road Haulage [click to see how good these guys are!] to lift the boat on May 7th and place it in a garden on May 8th…. and a couple of other things ….?!! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. aido
    aido says:

    From what I’ve seen yesterday, you guys are sucking diesel… keep on trucking! We’ll have to capture the voyage with Oik 😉

  2. aido
    aido says:

    …although considering you’re the only ones looking after carbon emissions and complete with a fully recycled garden, probably not.

    I love it?!!! genius, brilliant and most important when I pay to get my whole family in at least they’ll all smile at one garden!!!

    I wanna be there when the PINK BOAT goes over the M50

    love you guys

  3. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Hi Aido,

    I’m laughing my socks off here mate! big smile on my face… bigger than my usual that is. I’ll make you really good [real] coffee later and give you all the details.

    You might have to explain to the greener punters [and myself first] what exactly ‘QiK’ is.

    Glad to hear the entire family is coming – as I said before – it is a show and what d’ye want Elvis in Vegas or Declan Nerny in The Galtee Mór in Cricklewood [who I saw playing there two years ago by the way] – point being differnt shows.

    Is Pink the new Rock and Roll… aerosmith had a song about that…. ?

    We Love You too… ?!!

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