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I’m not a massive fan of mass fast foods. I like my planet and I try to be good. But I found a place in Swords called YO! SUSHI [North Co. Dublin] that doesn’t sell water in a plastic bottle! Something I refuse to do. I want it in an earth friendly recyclable glass – from a tap.

I remember the ‘Ballygowan Man’ on rte years ago saying that he was going to sell water in a bottle… and people laughed! It wasn’t plastic at the time and in those days way back you returned your milk bottles.

MY POINT? The Green Party are trying to reduce the amount this country sends to landfill… well here’s [part] of your solution. Give me water in a glass and reuse it.

They also want to encourage people to use locally sourced food well aparantly the YO! swords lads do that too from the fish lads in Howth – just up the road. Not bad for a food chain. I say bualadh bos! By the way the staff are really excellent [and friendly], the food tastes of real food and I whilst I don’t watch my weight I know I’ll stay my size after eating there. Gone be the days of fish every Friday for a family eight Irish kids in the 1980’s! When Wham and The A Team where really cool.

Anyhow anywhere I can eat well that does our environment proud deserves recognition.

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  1. mick
    mick says:

    Hi there peter –

    i know this is a ‘green world’ site etc. but I went to swords – place is sehr uber cool ja! I just can’t imagine wine from a plastic bottle and also being an eighties reared poverty stricken irish child (although I’ll never admit to the wham fan bit) I have the same ‘WONT PAY FOR WATER IN A BOTTLE’ pet hate. Now older and a geek eco freek i ‘WONT PAY FOR WATER IN A plastic BOTTLE’.
    The carbon foot print thing is important and the mass etail chains dont usually operate that way regarding and especially their greatest selling product FISH. Howth to Swords, my original home town, not bad and can’t be any nearer the sea as I doubt they fish in Malahide.
    I dont have children as yet but my partner is a fancy looking woman. Fish before a MC SUPER SIZE ME WHOPPER extra large MEAL? Yo! keep her slim SUSHI me please.

    … and green tea, get it, GEEN tea.
    take care man and good luck in the puddles.

  2. kate smudges
    kate smudges says:

    It sounds like a good sushi place. I hope those are not plastic domes covering the sushi. If they are, do they reuse them? These plastic containers will contribute as much refuse to the landfills as plastic water bottles.

  3. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Kate,

    grrrrreat! to hear from you and a good question. I don’t know to be honest – BUT- the plastic domes seemed as durable as the plates and at this point I’d like to think so – I’ll email yo! sushi and ask them anyway – unless anyone else knows?

    For a multiple [fast-er food?] retail chain it seems they have made efforts in the right direction. My point being that some credit should be given for this upper management decision – and the mild acclaim may just encourage others to do more.

    slán go foill [bye for now]

  4. Ann Shea
    Ann Shea says:

    Very interesting-looking restaurant. The little bubbles over the food made me think of those strange contraptions I’ve seen pictures of from the 1950’s, vending machines that dispensed hot meals..I felt compelled to do a little Googling for an image of one, and finally found it at:
    (2nd image, with the word pastries).

    Apparently these food spots called Automats were popular in places like NY and Chicago here in the States. Last time I was in “the Big Apple” (a while back) they had vending machines with fresh fruit, which was tempting but even more so were the occasional street vendors’ stalls with a huge array of things like fresh figs, apricots, nectarines, and such, out of season, imported from all over.

    It’s a hard battle to get people over here to do any recycling. I used to cringe when I worked in a big company and everyone who drank coffee in the morning used a new styrofoam cup (even for the 2nd cup!), stirred their “whitener” with a plastic spoon they pitched right after, instead of rinsing for a second use in the sink right there. Egads! Adding another insult to Mamma Earth, they then often grabbed a plastic lid for the “trip” back to the cubicle.

    Anyway, I’m sure YO! SUSHI re-uses their little bubbles. Tell them America is watching. : )


  5. Fan YO!
    Fan YO! says:

    Yes the plastic lids they use are recyclable. I have asked and they washthem after every use on the conveyor belt. Not like some other sushi bar in dublin city centre they use cheap plastic lids and they throw them away.

    i was doing a bit of detective work for everybody!!! i was told the some of the fruit and vegetables they purchase are locally produced. The Tofu (Bean Curd), they have this dish on the belt and it is called Crunchy Tofu Salad and it is delicious. Anyway the Tofu is locally made in ireland. it is fantastic Tofu made in ireland!!!!www.soyfoods.com if you are not sure what tofu is. The chicken and beef are also irish. YO!sushi ireland fantastic. It is taking over the concept of eating in ireland YO!YO!YO!

  6. My Ly
    My Ly says:

    YO! Peter,

    Glad to hear you like our Swords branch – it is a very cool design!

    In response to the ‘bubbles’ query, our dome covers are made from plastic however we do re-use them constantly in our restaurants.

    As pointed out our water (still and fizzy) is on tap and we do encourage locally sourced ingredients, for example, YO! Sushi serves farmed salmon from sea-locks around the coast of Scotland (by the way, we ensure our salmon are happy, with a 2% to 98% ratio of salmon to sea water) and we also serve yellowfin tuna loin which is line caught and ‘dolphin friendly’ (operated to the Earth Island Institute standard).

    We use disposable chopsticks made from bamboo, a readily renewable resource and in addition, our packaging for YO! To Go (our takeaway and delivery service) can be composted and recycled.

    Oh and at YO! Sushi World (our headquarters), we recycle naturally!

    Kind regards,

    My Ly, Marketing Manager, YO! Sushi.

  7. aido
    aido says:

    I had a quick nibble there last night, food and service just as good there as it is in London. A good friend of mine who is London based actually gets paid by YO! SUSHI to taste their food.

  8. My Ly
    My Ly says:

    Just to clarify, our Irish branches, of course, source salmon from Ireland, not Scotland, from the excellent Wright’s of Howth to be precise!

    My Ly, Marketing Manager, YO! Sushi.

  9. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara [yo!] My

    Some comapnies use the fact that they do green ‘bits’ as almost an advertising campaign – in your case there may be a way to let people know [without going too OTT].

    Your facts however are really interesting and worthwhile. I think that answers ‘kate smudges’ and my query re the plates as well.

    Anne Shea – I think america has been watching for sometime now ?!! Whats the deal in the US. Do restaurants like YO! have a similar ethos? or is their a restaurant like YO! in the states?? I’d be interested to know. They should ban polystyrene…

    Welcome back Aido – so the service is consistent. Imagine getting paid to taste – a part-time job with the guinness factory after just to wash it down would be the ultimate?!!!

    It funny because when I did this post http://doneganlandscaping.wordpress.com/2007/10/06/eddie-hobbs-cowboys-angels/ few [one] responded and didn’t speak at all. Round of applause to MY LY and the YO! crew for taking the time. Seems to me the friendly style approach [& management] starts at the top and in this case does trickle right down to the toes of all the staff.

    slán go foill

    [ps YO! MY LY – thanks for clarifying re salmon – great to know the same ethos exists for your UK branches]

  10. Deb
    Deb says:

    Thanks for stopping by Peter! Great post. I had no idea they were so eco-friendly and responsible. Whilst I don’t buy into the carbon footprint thing much, I have always felt an overwhelming need to cut down on waste and support local food resources. Like you said, it is in no way advertised or gimmickly, which is fantastic. I have not been back since my initial review and actually found Yamamori in the city center better tasting and valued, but given what you’ve pointed out and the kind response you’ve gotten from upper management, it will be my first stop next time I’m at Dundrum! 😉

    I did notice from their website that they are somehow affiliated with the less eco-friendly abrakababra though – anyone know anything about that?

    Great blog by the way, am enjoying your older posts!

  11. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Deb,

    more than welcome and an absolute pleasure visiting your blog. Never been to yamamori so it’s unfair of me to comment in any way until I do. That aside most senior management did take the time – something I believe that if I can’t do then I’ve got too big for my boots!
    In a shopping world gone mad their outlet is a welcome change to the previous monopolys that left very little choice of difference. It may be [?] more costly but I’ll gladly pay an exa 50 cent for quality, hygiene, a smile and the cost of ensuring Irish businesses are supported – something we have a lack of doing in the face of cheaper imports and natural resulting job losses! All in all they’re pretty solid and not so man seem to have an ethos in any way like them – [IF YOU DO? LET ME KNOW].
    Regarding the abrakebra link – maybe senior management can comment [?] and if so – I’d love to know their eco/ green policies.

    Many thanks again Deb!
    slán agus beannacht

  12. Ann Shea
    Ann Shea says:

    I guess we all love to eat, and most of Peter’s friends here are green in one way or another, this was a fun post to dialog about.

    For My Ly, I did mention YO! Sushi in an email yesterday to a friend who lives in Dublin. I hope she checks it out! Glad to support an eco-friendly establishment, and it sounds delish!

    Peter, I don’t know any too similar restaurants over here yet, though Sushi’s huge here, as is Thai. A very interesting outdoor dining experience I saw this week was large garden glider swings, which could accommodate about 6 diners…the whole contraption was like a moving picnic table. Really neat! (This was at the University of Miami campus.)

    Also, I just encountered this interesting term, “Locavore”…

    A locavore is a person who focuses on purchasing, preparing and consuming foods grown locally as much as possible. (more here:
    http://www.mpdailyfix.com/2008/01/the_buzz_around_new_buzzwords.html/?adref=NmiF128 )


  13. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    Hi Ann,

    havent seen you in a while. i like his meantioned of tap water becoming a little nicer than from a plastic bottle. I was in a supermarket last week and a child [maybe 4/5 years old] was having a tantrum because he wanted this ‘variety’ or ‘make’ of water????? different water?!!

    If i did that in 1980 in ireland with my parents…. i think i may have cried a full bottle for my antics. Ban it. We need a new campaign in this world – lets start a revolution – ban the plastic and tell your kids NO!!!

    I need to go to miami !

    excellent stuff

  14. My Ly
    My Ly says:

    YO! all,

    Apologies for my delay in replying back, it is ever so slightly manic at YO! Sushi World – the Marketing department consists of me alone!

    We have franchised partners overseas, this includes our two Irish branches. To clarify, YO! Sushi’s franchise partner Sushi Master is the company behind the hugely successful Abrakebabra chain and the 40+ strong Bagel Factory franchise. It was actually Abrakebabra who introduced us to the company who supply our recyclable packaging.

    Deb – hope you do return and our overall experience can persuade you to keep coming back.

    Ann – thank you for the recommendation, I hope you’re friend will enjoy/has enjoyed her YO! visit.

    Peter – it’s a pleasure to be part of your blog.

    Must dash, a thousand and one emails call!

    My Ly, Marketing Manager, YO! Sushi

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