Hamamelis x intermedia

Walking through the nurseries today selecting trees for a garden we are creating at the moment when I stumbled upon this little beauty flowering on its bare stems. Most of the trees I needed are in bud at present, but not in leaf and definitely theres rare, if any oportunity to see flower. Next time your buying plants spare a thought for the witch hazel and put one in your garden.

In a [plant] world gone mad it made my day even brighter than it always is !

UPDATE: 16th feb 2010

not x intermedia but wonderful and beautiful nonetheless 😉

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  1. kate smudges
    kate smudges says:

    Witch Hazels seem to be more popular these days – or at least they are commonly pictured on blogs. I love the flowers and am going to figure out if I can add one to my garden. It will depend on their hardiness.

  2. Julian
    Julian says:

    The tricky thing is finding the spot where you get the best of the flowers and scent while it’s doing its thing – and at the same time don’t spend the rest of the year wondering if you should move it because it’s not doing very much.

    I keep thinking I’ll put one in a really big pot and just wheel it out for the winter, which seems like the best answer for a small garden.

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