inspired by street planting?!!

street planting

street planting

If nothing else apart from making you smile on a Monday morning… wouldn’t it be simply breathtaking if every piece of public area space had as much thought put into it! We may not be able to freely or as easily grow the same varieties of plants in Ireland but horticulture does allow us to take inspiration [instead of replication in this case] and what a difference it would make?!!

Have a very happy Monday – enjoy!


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  1. aido
    aido says:

    Absolutely most public parks are a mess, except those few estates that are managed correctly. Fingal could do more, they get enough of our money. If they cant fill the void then it should be out sourced.

  2. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:


    there are two points there re fingal [county council] – on one hand ‘we’ do have some fine examples like Ardgillan Castle, Newbridge House the new improved Swords Castle etc… and in this case Fingal can’t really be faulted. However on the other hand some street planting and some developments are not what you or I would consider to be of the highest calibre or standard or in this case not exactly inspiring?!!

    The outsourcing on the other hand can often have its own repercussions as much as works be done in house; in my opinion, more this comes down to budgets and money – and through lack of, the management of or the method use for the delegation of funds, the intended task sometimes doesn’t result as maybe it was intended. From what youy’re saying maybe the cheapest and cheerful, make it look green and cheapest quote ruling hasn’t left us just yet?

    Fingal do however take a lot of money in from Mr & Mrs. Public. The question remains on whether I/ we get value for our money and whether if we are not happy with our County Council service if can get a full refund?!! [or a little more inspired?!]. Great to hear from you again.

    Slán go foill

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