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After receiving our second & third awards both as designer and contractor this year, RTE’s Capital d did a show including the much celebrated and historical Brackenstown House Gardens. It’s our second time on the show this year and I know I was asked to put this up some time ago. You can watch it here and I’m really sorry for the delay.

Brackenstown House also featured in Thursdays Irish Times last week but as usual it was sold out. If anyone has a copy that would be great. It always nice to know what was said.

Whilst the media does play a great role in my work, when I have appeared it’s been for my designs or my writing for publications, only. I think I’d prefer if media frenzies were kept relation to my ability to design gardens for the moment anyway. I don’t think I or the world is ready for my personal life on tv [or my sense of humour] just yet! The last capital d show apparently allows some insight into my mind, I’m told & disagree… but good luck getting lost in there! enjoy.

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  1. C
    C says:

    That’s just the way the media works I guess.
    It’s like a dog with a ‘personality disorder’ that’s your pet… you want to pet it and take it for walks, but you you never know how it’ll react.

    In relation to it shying away from your design ability, he’s a point to note.
    Simon Cowell used to just be an normal record executive ‘suit’, with a fantastic (others say terrible) knack of getting mediocre acts to the top of the charts, but the man is probably making more money from his spin offs now.
    Who knows Peter… you may find yourself making your big bucks as a judge on ‘Garden Idol’.

    Just don’t wear those dodgy high pants…

    (Congrats on the great work in S. Africa. No doubt a memorable experience.)

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