building a garden in south africa [3]

Everything is going really well in Cape Town. For the people of this township and the 1500 volunteers involved, it is an emotional event and one I am so proud to be part of. My previous articles on this blog will give a little more insight.

We arrived late on Friday due to Monarch airlines most contrary organisation knowing little of what reaity was about to hit us. But it was a visit to a shack owned by a lady due to move into one of the new homes that instilled inspration with full reasoning into the hearts of every volunteer. I know I cried. I know I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t bad, more a positive tear that made me fully understand why Niall Mellon does what he does and why. I also now know why this is the largest people movement, for charitable reasons, since world war 2 to help another country and around 1400 are Irish. Proud is an understatement.

Honestly, if I could get those of us Irish besotted by interest rates and celtic tiger property prices to visit here [?!??] one might just realise how precious life is and how miniscule our troubles really are. To have left families, businesses, money aside and country to help another who needs it so much more is angelic but to build 200 homes each painted, with a solar panel and a community garden surprisingly in just seven days is truly miraculous.

If you saw what I have seen, you would understand why I and the other 1499 people get applauded and welcomed everyday we go to work. Tear-jerker, you better believe it! I’m beginning to think I have a feminine side…. We also are cheered and thanked on our way home. Amazing. Any slight upsets since I got here [click here]? No. I love every second and I thank whatever religion one may pray to that Dominc Loughran made me realise that my horticulture could make tears come to many a grown mans eyes.

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  1. Nic
    Nic says:

    Fantastic job guys, well done – it is so hard to describe the feeling you get when you see such a great job done and the warmth and genuine delight of the local people.

    Well done again.

  2. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Its amazing to see what you are all doing there and I’m both inspired and proud as always of my big bro – i love you pee xxx

  3. Smange
    Smange says:

    Wow Peter, looks & sounds amazing. Well done for getting involved and good luck with the remainder of the project.

  4. Francis & Louise
    Francis & Louise says:

    Hi Pee, well done with the work in s.a.
    Hurry back – we all miss you here (and we want our garden done before Christmas!)

  5. Soulseeking Annie
    Soulseeking Annie says:

    And here you professed to be impressed with my volunteer working serving tea in a garden! I’m awed. FABULOUS!

    : )

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