no! i said borax



I was out with Jane Hall of ecoshop a while ago. A nice day out to Glen of the Downs if your looking for some inspiration. I bartered some of my time for hers and we had a natter and some coffee whilst discussing some projects where intelligent landscaping would benefit. As a thank you for my brain converting thoughts into speek… Jane sent me a big box of borax. I’d read so many greener books and unusual for a man with four sister, a woman in my life was listening!

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral, soluble in water. What can it do? Just about everything cleaning wise the books say. Now I’ve just got to give it the test… If you’re out the farside of Dublin, Janes shop is a shrine to an ethic every Irish man should live by.

Happy Sunday and as always, enjoy!

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  1. K8 the Gr8
    K8 the Gr8 says:

    Hey cool! I worked with Jane when she was only setting up shop in that place a short while back, now look at it!!!

    It was a seriously cool place to work, apart from the lack of radiators and indoor toilets 😉 I learned so much from that job.

    I second your plug, it really is an excellent shop to pooch around.

  2. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    the lack of [and I did see] to be honest I felt added to the coolness of the place! but then I felt a stage further should be added and a total natural bathroom facility be added.

    A woman who wishes to change the world… starting with Ireland! saluté.

  3. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Jed,

    Jane Hall owns ecoshop [] thats weher I got mine. She’s based near Glen of the Downs near Avoca.

    or in the UK

    Its mentioned in so many books & seems to be the base ingredient for almost everything cleaning products. Works superb as well – but it took me a while to find it

    Let me know how you get on
    best wishes

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