potato famine & water charges on the way?




This weekends Irish Times had two really good articles well worth a visit. The first, EPA cuts state’s emmissions allowance, touched on previously, but now confirmed we are landed with a bill for now over the original estimated €670 milion euro. What to do with such intelligence?

The second based on Dr John Sweeneys report tells us that ‘the growing of potatoes in the east and south of the country could cease by mid-century because of global warming.’ There’s a fair bit of reading in the reports but very worthwhile. By the time some realise that SPUDS ARE NO LONGER FOR SALE after 2057 it maybe too late. Time to stand up & be counted John Gormley. The article is also covered here.

The best until last… Ibec calls for homeowners to be charged water rates WHAT THE ?? again by Nicola Cooke of The Business Post [well done girl]. All I need now is that it’s cheaper to buy water from LIDL than from a [my] country I pay too much tax in already. Nice one Donal Buckley of IBEC. Not to worry, McDonalds has air conditioning, sells spuds and healthy options water.

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  1. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Rebecca,

    in plants its not the lidl thats important as such more the nursery grower or the craftmen that made the plant especially where there is a graft involved as with most apple trees [ie the merge of one root system from one variety with the stem or top of another] ie normally for better fruit or prevent diseases etc. The only way, in my opinion, a business can sell at such a price is either a] reduce quality [NB] of the stock used or b] lose money

    I dont know where they buy their ‘stuff’ from but usually when we import trees – we hand pick and know the history of the nursery, the father before etc [… it is important]. Based on that theory if you dont want to do that or cant then I prefer to recommend someone who does ie. a good garden centre. They should all cost no more than 20 euro anyway.

    I usually recommend people to Jones [carl is the owner] fruit farm & garden centre for ‘good’/ better varities. I still say you get what you pay for rather than believing you saved money if you have to do it twice. It’s also the advice and the back up service that in theory comes free.

    I’m just redesigning my own garden at the moment and fruit trees will go in. If i’ve got to eat it I want to know its full history and what I’m gonna get.

    I think my answer is uneducated somewhat regarding Lidl – but for piece of mind I’d prefer to buy elsewhere. Also I like to buy local or irish where possible. Carbon footprints and all that stuff!

    Slán go foill

  2. Seamus
    Seamus says:

    Hi Peter, Just wondering where you got that spelling of Potato in the title. I am of Ireland too but I don’t remember having an E at the end of Potato. Do you also say Tomatoe? I have lived in the USA for so long I can’t remember

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