hill of tara – human harp?

the human harp

the human harp

Due to popular demand and with special thanks to Muireann at indymedia Ireland here’s the result of Sundays event which attracted over 1500 people. Muireann also suggested that this website should be checked out when it is updated later today. – I don’t usually edit my blogs – but it had to happen for this one!The original article is attached below.

Hopefully this will highlight a mild flaw in ‘our system’. First the purchase of land for the new prison, then tara and now, you guessed it, make another shambles out of something pretty in this island – a superdump – and then think later? Rugby aside, I know The French wouldn’t take this lying down [pardon my sense of humour?!]

Create a Human Harp???!!
Help Stuart Townsend, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and internationally renowned Aerial Artist, John Quigley create the world’s first GIANT HUMAN HARP at TARA HERITAGE DAY.Hundreds of people are needed to gather at the Hill of Tara on this Sunday September 23rd from 1:30pm to 3:30pm to form the human ‘aerial art’ image of a giant harp and a Tara heritage preservation message. Many of Ireland’s top harpists will accompany the performance. The event will be directed by internationally renowned Aerial Artist John Quigley and participants include Irish born international film stars Stuart Townsend and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as well as musicians, historians and scholars. The image will be photographed from an aircraft at 3 pm. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch.Spectral Q and the Save Tara Campaign are hosting Tara Heritage Day. Spectral Q has created similar human ‘aerial art’ images around the world including the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest, London, New York, Los Angeles, Geneva, Miami, Toronto, Washington D.C., Copenhagen, New Orleans and others. To see images please check: www.SpectralQ.com The Save Tara campaign is seeking to reroute the M3 motorway to preserve the ancient sites of the sacred Tara Valley. For more information please check: www..savetara.com Directions to Tara from Dublin: M50 to N3 north-go past Dunshaughlin and take left at the Tara sign (about half way to Navan)– follow signs to Tara car park.
Buses depart from Bus Aras, Dublin at 10:30am and 11:30am. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes. Get off at Grogans in Dunshaughlin where a shuttle bus will transport you to Tara.
Buses return to Bus Aras, Dublin from Dunshaughlin at 5:25pm and 5:35pm.

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  1. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:


    thanks so much for that. I’m not really good at computers at all [although Paddy O’ Hanlon has done amazing things with the site/ blog for me].
    I’ve some readers in Germany/ US etc so it’s really handy for them they tell me [especially when it came to my blog ‘politics – honesty is the best policy?’ etc] who probably wouldn’t, natuturally, have known anything of The Moriarty Tribunal etc. or our little M3 issue here?!!
    I try and get really good sites to explain the issue but I found it really difficult with this blog? My favourite hyperlink/ text is in the article on ‘how long before I walk on the grass?’ when it says about the 5 factors required for the growth of any plant and for sunlight I have the world sunlight map. Pretty cool?

    Have a great weekend. After last nights rugby aginst France it can only get better?!
    Are you going to go to Tara?
    Slán go foill


  2. Tara
    Tara says:

    Are they still fighting over it now in 2010? Please, keep this hill. One thing I want to do is go see this hill/valley when i am older. I pray that I will see it’s natural beauty, and not all torn up. I am 15 and I know one day I am going to Ireland and this is the number one thing on my list to see. My family is very Irish and very upset by this because we do not want the beautiful landmark to be put into a roadway. Well, that was my opinion, please , I know I am young but very smart. I love this Hill/Valley and one day I will see it. (hopefully)
    love always,
    Tara Conroy-Bechter
    p.s. If you wouldn’t mind, please send me updates on the Hill, and if it is already gone? Thank you.

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