sunday business post – new apartment size regulations

put the grass where?

put the grass where?

Sunday Business Post, Sun 9th Sept 2007, The Inquisitor Richard Curran. New apartment size regulations have come too late for many.

‘Dublin City Council has finally decided to do the right thing when it comes to regulations about the minimum size of apartments in the capital. Last week councillors voted to introduce new guidelines that will mean apartment developments will not get planning permission unless they have 25 per cent more floor space.’ Richard Curran goes on to note that ‘We already have thousands of family unfriendly apartments in Dublin’ and further tells us that ‘it is extraordinary to think that with the simple stroke of a pen and a vote they could have changed the quality of life and options available to people several years ago.’

I like Richard. I like his honesty and that he has an opinion. I like how he predicts that the governments ‘misguided’ guidlines ‘will ultimately in time be seen for the massive mess that they are.’ Somebody finally said it, in writing.

The funny thing is, that nobody has concerns over is ‘the immediate idea is to make apartment living more attractive for young families’ and also ‘that about 90% of new homes in the city will be apartmets’; where do all the people, nee the young families go when their not in their apartments ? Where is the increased green space per apartment? Where’s the grass going to go? or will the families be arrested for loitering whilst wondering where the nearest piece of grass is? Answers on a postcard to Dublin City Council.

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  1. Green Fingers
    Green Fingers says:

    I would love a green space on my balcony, but my gardening skills are a bit like my cooking skills….missing and when tried lead to disasterous results….whats your recommendation for some-one who just hasnt a clue how to keep it green, happy and alive…I even tried talking to the vase of lilys in my joy..??

  2. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:


    depending on how serious a ‘horticultural adventure’ you wish to pursue will depend on [and do consider anyway] your balcony dimensions, your balcony location and local weather conditions [ieg. if you’re in a very sheltered/ windy spot, north/ south facing etc] and also your geographical location. If this is something you wish to take up as a hobby do remember gardening is good fun! so start small and let it grow from there [that’s one of my better jokes…. ?].

    You might wish to refer to another article in this blog ‘Never had your garden designed before’ [sept 4th] which will give some good advice on where to get a starting point for yourself, to suit your lifestyle and how much work you actually wish to do.

    Naturally [joke number 2….?], if you wish to suc- seed [this is getting bad… 3?], the choice of your plants and how much attention they need, considered in advance, should be the greatest advice you can be given and those choices will depend on information as discussed in paragraph 1.

    Enjoy yourself no matter how big or small the choice you make and if it doesn’t go right the first time just start again.

    Dont worry if the Lillys start talking back [4?!]
    best of luck

  3. Green Fingers
    Green Fingers says:

    Thanks for the advice! Might try starting with a few plants see how I get on from there.
    What plants would you recommend I buy for a north facing balcony, I am on the third floor and so I am fairly open to all weathers.

  4. Jackie Mc Keon
    Jackie Mc Keon says:

    I think the issue is being missed by the govenment. As if a quick fix of 25 per cent more floor space will improve the quality of lives and how does this help families who are living in the apartments with 25% less space than recommended?
    Maybe the issues in hand should be addressed – what about the increasing rates in domestic violence, suicides, alcoholism – is anything being done about this?
    Is quality of life being signed off on before they get planning permission – is anyone checking to see if there is enough recreational areas, is there enough doctors?
    I think the council need to get back to the real issues here.

  5. peter donegan MI Hort
    peter donegan MI Hort says:


    you’re not the first person to say that to be honest and I would personally asume that ‘green’ space would have a major role to play in this. I do suggest that a greater emphasis MUST be put on green spaces per capita recommended per dwelling. Especially if families are being encouraged. But how does one compell the elected representiatives to change strategy from floor space to green space. I do find it infalable that Dublin City Council can overlook this when there are obvious social, psychological [and other as you have mentioned] ramafications?

    Dublin City Council have brought events in to ‘green up’ and promote change – and well done sincerely on the Smithfield event – but the point is that it must start with planning and our somewhat neglectful [obviously] councillors who have not considered fully their decisions on OUR behalf. Maybe they believe the gardens should go in the apartments and the ‘families’ can play inside.

    I wonder – still!
    Slán go foill

    ps where Sargent and Rabbitte when you need a comment?!

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