all smiles in your garden...?

all smiles in your garden...?

For part of the Quality Award system, a well needed accreditation that Bord Bia introduced to the landscaping industry I [peter donegan] tried to introduce an option to allow customer or even general public give feedback, their thoughts or even complain easily to the finest landscaping company in Ireland?!! We have had varietions of this in the past but a friendlier more simple ‘form’ were one could add comments if preferred seemed the route.

We failed this part of the award accreditation so far because we had no complaints over the telephone. We had one or two emails [more to say thank you] asking if something could be adjusted or tweeked but none sofar a complaint.

Maybe it’s an Irish thing not to complain? or maybe we have the mix spot on!? but when in an audit situation and the auditor is saying ‘no complaints?’ One kind of starts to wonder?

Garden centres and nurseries have an option to have a customer feedback form – but I know from doing my research for this part of the ‘best practice award’, most people referred to when in a hotel style situation and after filling in the customer feedback form, they wondered if the person behind the counter will take the form out and read it as soon as they leave or else if theirs is the only one in there. In essence to criticise or complain because of service you would have preferred may be embarassing, frowned upon or even considered impolite.

So now, not so much where we are going wrong but more how to I make my company improve every day – and as Irelands most famed Corkman would say – we can always give more than 100%.

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  1. Aido
    Aido says:

    So in short you’re asking for past and present customers to leave feedback comments on a very public forum? That is *very brave* but I suppose it also demonstrates how open and approachable your company is to criticism (be it good or bad).

    Also given the fact you do not moderate your blog comments will also give past and future potential customers true visibility to how you handle such events.

  2. doneganlandscaping
    doneganlandscaping says:


    Collins English Dictionary notes Feedback as :n 1 information in response to an inquiry or experiment and I guess thats exactly what I’m doing – of sorts to see if this is the route to go – or maybe an existing company has a method I’ve never considered?

    With regards to my braveness; I dont know any shop in the world who has never had a query or comment but I believe it is how the business deals with that situation that may turn it into a problem. I’m suggesting people talk a little more in what ever form suits.

    The piece was loosely based on myself and a really bad stay in a hotel where my bags never arrived from the plane and a porter confused me as part of a wedding party and called me using multiple explicits. I just wanted to get out and I left it. I did write after but as always I apologised for ‘complaining’. And there you have a very Irish way of dealing with situations!

    With reference to my company I would like to think I have always tried to be the best and to do our best. But again I will say I believe one can always do better.

    I guess I’ve never been asked to/ nor given ‘feedback’ [officially] and I cant implement something I dont understand how to do? I’m hoping this article might make me a little wiser.

    Slán, beannacht agus go raibh maith agat!

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