the farmers market, portmarnock

On Sunday[17th May ’09] I took a trip out to my folks home town. I had heard about this new one… but I was unsure. I have this image in my head that there’s a lady who goes out on a Friday, takes a few turnips from the garden, pops ’em into a tweed satchel and pedals from Galway to sell her wares….I jest! But you get the image.. and as a result I’ve been disappointed sometimes for what actually was being sold. It was a market. But not a farmers market entirely. The case in Portmarnock was a lot more to my liking. It’s sill only 6 weeks old – but I liked it. People were happy! The rain was pouring on this particular day, but I really enjoyed it….

What do you do if you wanna give it a go….?
I met André Jenkinson. I had met him before. He runs the one in Portmarnock. He tells me it costs each stall holder €50 per day. He supplies the gazebo. You supply your tables and the rest… One thing to note is a one off insurance that must be held before you start. He says it costs about €250 for the year… but once again a chat with the man is probably best first.

What was Portmarnock like?
I was really impressed. It was lashing out of the heavens [on and off] but it was good. There are some people I must say hello to that I met and who I liked for varying reasons… but mainly their ethos, their products and well, for being nice people.

So hello to Margaret Murphy who had a great selection of plants ; hi to Dan McEvoy who had the flower and herb stall  – these were all grown by his family and also to Jenny  and ‘the man’ who trades as MY CHI – I love your crépes and I love that there is not one additive in your *real* homemade foods. It was delicious by the way.

There is also a guy there who does really *real* coffee. An absolute must. The cakes were adorable, the bread magnificient and the list goes on…. what can you do… pop on down, take a gander, say hello, let me know what you think…. thinking about doing your own – pop on down and have a natter – you’ll love it.

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the farmers market at swords…

absolutely love it...

i had never been but on saturday i took a stroll into Swords – just at the bottom of main street adjacent the swords castle – is where it’s all happening [10am – 4pm]. It’s not huge but it’s enough to have a relaxing, friendly day out side in the cool November air. I liked it 😉

Some of the traders were almost london-esque in the ‘banannas 2 bunches for €3’ approach[something i miss a little about my former residence] lubbly jubbly 🙂 I bought some veggies and fruit, some cheese, some italian bread, cáca milis, a cup of coffee [i only had 15 euro in my pocket] and finished off my lunch with with the free tasty samplers [yummy!].

I also had a good chat with the ladies of the Swords Senior Citizens Group who were there selling their art, that will make great Christmas pressies and are amazing value. So The Farmers Market in Swords is it worthwhile? I certainly thought so!

yo! [sushi] water… ? in ireland



I’m not a massive fan of mass fast foods. I like my planet and I try to be good. But I found a place in Swords called YO! SUSHI [North Co. Dublin] that doesn’t sell water in a plastic bottle! Something I refuse to do. I want it in an earth friendly recyclable glass – from a tap.

I remember the ‘Ballygowan Man’ on rte years ago saying that he was going to sell water in a bottle… and people laughed! It wasn’t plastic at the time and in those days way back you returned your milk bottles.

MY POINT? The Green Party are trying to reduce the amount this country sends to landfill… well here’s [part] of your solution. Give me water in a glass and reuse it.

They also want to encourage people to use locally sourced food well aparantly the YO! swords lads do that too from the fish lads in Howth – just up the road. Not bad for a food chain. I say bualadh bos! By the way the staff are really excellent [and friendly], the food tastes of real food and I whilst I don’t watch my weight I know I’ll stay my size after eating there. Gone be the days of fish every Friday for a family eight Irish kids in the 1980’s! When Wham and The A Team where really cool.

Anyhow anywhere I can eat well that does our environment proud deserves recognition.